Coddle Creek Farms

Branding, Packaging

A fourth-generation honey farmer wanted to expand his product line to include a series of nut butters sweetened with his popular honey.

I began by creating a logo for the farm to serve as an overarching brand that tied together his well-known honey, new nut butters, and any future endeavors. He wanted the logo to have an apothecary look to convey the healthfulness of his products, as well as their high quality.

Next, I applied the new logo to labels for six nut butters. The nut butters would be sold at specialty food shops and select farmers markets, so the labels needed to appeal to upscale customers, making it easy for them to distinguish among the many varieties. The client elected to add a seal to the jar lid to ensure product freshness which underscored its premium nature. The clean sophistication of the labels represents the purity of the nut butter ingredients, and the reference to the owner’s grandmother recalls the farmer’s family ties.

What I Did

  • Logo Design
  • Product Label
Coddle Creek Farms logo
Three jars of Coddle Creek Farms nut butters

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