City of Concord, NC

2021 Police Department Annual Report

The Concord Police Department serves a resident population of over 105,000 people, and its jurisdiction covers over 60 square miles. Its Annual Report represents more than a collection of facts and figures; it is a public relations piece for the department and a morale builder for the officers who work there.

The Department provided all copy and photography for the report and, representing Granite Sky Creative Group, I worked directly with the lieutenant tasked with overseeing the project. Many of the photos used in the report were taken with smart phones and required adjustment for poor lighting. Also, I colorized a variety of stock photo textures and used them to bring some additional color to the book.

Included in the report are many images reflecting the camaraderie among officers and their rigorous training programs, awards, promotions and retirements. This report also included a spread offering a sobering tribute­ to the fallen, affirming the Department’s unyeilding commitment to serve and protect.

What I Did:

  • Layout
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Infographics

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