Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC

2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Colorized image of entrance monument at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the 6th busiest in the country. Its Annual Comprehensive Financial Report incorporates financial statements from three different reporting entities and requires observance of brand standards established by the Airport Enterprise Fund, as well as the City of Charlotte. In addition, the report adheres to specific graphical standards established by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

I completed this project as creative director of the Granite Sky Creative Group team. The airport provided all copy and photography used in the report. Color bands along page edges differentiate various sections of the report, and I used a mix of typefaces and weights to add visual interest and help users navigate the volume of information. In addition, I applied custom color filters to the images on the section divider pages, giving the report even more visual oomph.

While the size and complexity made this a challenging project, I enjoyed the strategic aspects of leveraging Adobe’s Creative Suite of software to streamline page layouts and maximize production efficiency. Planning master pages, integrating style sheets, and designing tables of data is my jam. I’ve produced three of the Airport’s ACFRs now, and it has become one of my favorite annual projects.

What I Did:

  • Layout
  • Photo enhancement
  • Infographics

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